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Join The Tutor's Blueprint To Book Your First 4-Figure Tutoring Client and Match + Max Your Teacher's Paycheck

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Let's Design, Develop & Deliver Your 4-FIGURE Tutoring Offer!

Pedagogy isn’t your problem... monetizing it is.

Imagine what it would look like to use the skills you already have to impact more students on your terms. To teach with the freedom and flexibility you dream of while matching + maxing your teacher's paycheck. Beautiful, right? I can show you how...


You’re dedicated to seeing your students break barriers and helping restore their academic confidence, but you’re torn between doing what you love -teaching- OR settling for a job you hate just for better pay. All you want is to trade in the stress and burnout for better pay and recognition for your expertise.


So you are considering tutoring but aren’t sure where to start. You’ve been piecing together random Google tips and have tried to YouTube your way to a successful tutoring business. However, this has resulted in frustration with inconsistent clients, low monthly income, second-guessing your ability to be a tutor, and lackluster social media marketing...

Trust me, I get it.

sound familiar?

After 10 years in the classroom and 4 years running a tutoring business, I’ve noticed there are 4 things most tutors are facing that’s holding them back.  Do these sound familiar?


You feel insecurity creeping in. It frustrates you that you're not making what you deserve despite the countless hours you spend lesson planning.

False Beliefs

You’ve bought into the idea that tutoring isn’t profitable enough to devote time to and that adding tutoring to your schedule isn’t feasible.

Scarcity Mindset

You desire to see your passion for education match your profits, but can’t overcome the overwhelming thought that finding students is hard.

Skewed Pricing

You’re scared to charge more for your expertise because you lack confidence in communicating your value and you think charging more than $30 an hour will cost you students.

All of this, plus a lack of strategy, has resulted in students not knowing about (or trusting) your services and as a result, your business is struggling. 

It’s time to stop generating inconsistent income and build a profitable tutoring business that impacts students!

Having consistent 4 figure months is absolutely possible once you apply my Trusted Tutor™  Framework.

This framework is what I’ve used over the past 3 years. I’ve been where you are and you deserve to:

  • Make consistent income from your tutoring services

  • Feel confident when advertising to your ideal client

  • Serve more students... on your terms 

  • Have your passion match your profits


You know that once you can get the strategy, clarity and confidence to package your expertise into an irresistible offer, you’ll finally be able to serve more students and make consistent 4 figure months.

Are you ready to build a tutoring business that sells 4-figure packages and outpaces your teaching paycheck?

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The Tutor’s Blueprint®:

A 12-month Group Coaching Program to help you design, develop and deliver

a DYNAMIC tutoring offer you can charge 4-figures for.

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What we'll cover:


Educator To Executive

Learn essential tools to shift from your educator mindset to an executive's mindset. Once you acquire these skills, getting results in your business will be easy. 


Business 101

Solidify your tutoring business model, contract, and organize your systems. We will identify your niche & put systems in place to organize your business.


Packaging Your Offers

Package your expertise into an irresistible 4-figure offer using our Perfect Tutoring Offer Formula. You'll love our "Leave The Classroom" Calculator to plan your classroom exit.


Magnetic Marketing

Leverage the power of social media & organic marketing. We will formulate your message to best position you as THE go to tutor & have your Dream Parents lined up to work with you!


Enrollment Mastery

Use our Parent-Teacher Sales Framework to secure parents effortlessly on your consultation calls and enroll them in your 4-figure offer. Your consultation calls will never be the same, 


Parents + Progress Monitoring

Learn how to ensure you have pleased parents and access powerful assessment & progress monitoring tools! Learn our signature tutee retention methods + more!


Leave The Classroom Survival Kit

Access our never before taught live course to learn how to build your retirement fund, navigate taxes, and secure health insurance as an edupreneur.


Quarterly Program Challenges

Enjoy fun and strategic challenges aimed at helping you create confidence, clients, and cash in your tutoring business! Secure your first 4-figure tutee in 30 days.


Match + Max Club

Our Match + Max Club is a rewards program to celebrate matching your teacher's paycheck in The Tutor's Blueprint®.  M+M members receive bonus trainings, exclusive coaching calls, and more!

So, tell me.... what's included, Jenn?

A 7-Module Curriculum

Access to our top tier recorded trainings, so you can internalize the lessons at your own pace.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Join Jennifer LIVE for 12 months of business coaching and to get your business questions answered.

Plug & Play Templates

Get access to all of Jenn’s templates, financial spreadsheets, sales framework for your consultation calls, email sequences, and her E.P.I.C. content planner!

Private Slack Community Group

Say goodbye to doing this on your own! Enjoy collaborating with dozens of like minded tutors, ask questions, share your wins, and be supported along the way. 

Virtual + In Person

Live Events

Enjoy bonus virtual live trainings with guest speakers and a 2-day in person business retreat.


"I exceeded my goal.

I've resigned from the classroom, opened up my own tutoring office & am booked with tutees!"

“Before the Tutor's Blueprint, I struggled with organization and lacked confidence to sell with ease. My business has grown tremendously since this program. I've become the go-to tutor in my community and also opened up my own office space during the program!


The Tutor's Blueprint opened up new opportunities for me and gave me an amazing community of educators to work alongside. I am so pleased with the outcome and how much my business has grown since working with Jenn!”


Check out what some of our

Tutor's Blueprint alumnae had to say!


"I went from $30 an hour to securing my first high ticket client during the Tutor's Blueprint!"

"Prior to working with Jenn, I didn't know how to display my expertise & communicate it to parents. I also needed help reaching my revenue goals, legitimizing my business, and knowing what to do during consultation calls .


What I loved most about the program is that it provided me with what I needed in 6 modules and the coaching calls - they were a highlight of my week! Jenn goes above and beyond for us and it is evident she took her time with this program." ​



"I generated $4000 while going through

The Tutor's Blueprint!"

"The Tutor's Blueprint is the investment you never knew you needed to make.


Jennifer is everything she says she is and so much more. If you need to work on finding your niche- TB got you. If you need to clarify policy and procedures- TB got you. If you need ideas, encouragement, and community TB got you! If you want to make more money in your tutoring business - TB got you.


The Tutor's Blueprint is not only a game changer, It. Is. The. Game."


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest...

What’s the investment?

The Tutor’s Blueprint® - our 12-month group coaching program - is $4000.

(teacher-friendly, payment plan options available)

This includes 12 months of weekly coaching, personalized audits, access to our top-tier online portal, our Match + Max Challenge, virtual/in-person client events, lifetime access to our community of tutors, plug-and-play templates, and MORE! ​

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What my clients are saying:

Jenn dropped major gems and gave the secret sauce!


"Jenn's energy was so warm and inviting. She strategically outlined the course content and the resources she gave were phenomenal. I'm glad I invested in myself and my business.


I gained a lot of valuable information that I have incorporated into my business. My notebook is full of notes and I regularly rewatch the sessions when I need a refresher.


I honestly wish I had a program like this when I got started in my business. Maybe I wouldn't have made so many mistakes...."



Hey, it's Jenn!

I am a Tutor Business Coach that helps tutors build profitable and reputable tutoring businesses. As a classroom teacher of 10 years and a tutoring business owner for 3 years, I have successfully built my business to generate consistent 4-5 figure months. We’ve obtained such a high demand that we’ve had to turn clients away. Now, I teach educators how to thrive as tutors, serve more students and profit on purpose. 


This is for you if:

You need to book more students 

You’re a tutor that is an expert in your academic subject area 

You value empowering students and seeing them go from can’t to can 

You are an action taker and perpetual learner

You’re making inconsistent income from tutoring 

You see coaching as an investment and value getting expert advice that will accelerate your success 

You’re looking to make 4 figures a month and serve more students 

This isn't for you if:

You’re not an expert in any academic subject areas

You don’t care about serving students and making an impact 

You lack motivation or discipline to take action to see your business succeed

You’re looking for tips to start a nonprofit tutoring business 

You’re not a self starter and want someone to do the work for you

You have no social media accounts and do not wish to use social media


"I generate 5-figures a month tutoring & opened up a brick-and-mortar location!" 

“This course gave me the framework to build a strong tutoring business.


It gave a deep dive into important topics in setting up a successful tutoring business.”


Check out other tutors who are experiencing success after joining The Tutor's Blueprint!

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"I booked my first 4-figure client within 2 months of joining TTB, and they paid in FULL!"

"Jennifer is a resource and encourages ACTION. I knew I wanted to build my tutoring business, but I didn't have a plan.


The Tutor's Blueprint gave me the plan! It's a course for implementation and Jenn gives you all of the tools to jump in and get started. She encourages you to build as you go & helped me launch my business."



"I resigned after 18 years in the classroom and secured a $3400 tutoring client!"

The Tutor's Blueprint is an amazing program that provides all of the necessary essentials to creating a successfully lucrative business.


Jennifer is an exceptional teacher and does an outstanding job of walking you through each step of the journey. Her instructional modules are very comprehensive & easy for one to interpret. The Saturday coaching calls are engaging to attend and provide a wealth of knowledge.


If you are looking to transform your business to the next level, you have come to the right place.


It's time to be real...

You’re tired of making little to no money from tutoring, being overworked in the classroom and not finding students to serve.


It’s exhausting freaking out every month because you’re unsure how you’ll make ends meet...


It’s frustrating watching other tutors achieve consistent income and loyal clientele.


It sucks constantly wondering if you’ll be able to build a respected and profitable tutoring business.


The time to enroll is NOW.

It's time out for negotiating with your doubts.

You've got what it takes & I've got your back. See you on the inside!

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