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Leave The Classroom

Stop Charging Hourly & Sell 4-5 Figure Packages

Join me for this FREE training to master how to price your tutoring services, market your tutoring to attract parents, and confidently close consultation calls with parents saying yes.

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Saturday, April 29th 
10:30 am EST / 7:30 am PST
Brought to you by: The Tutor’s Blueprint 


During this free training, you will learn: 

How to price your tutoring services

How to market your tutoring to attract parents

To confidently close consultation calls with parents saying yes

What our clients did to start seeing results in their business after hearing crickets

How to get real results in our group program so you can outpace your teaching paycheck and leave the classroom 

Check out a few results from our clients! 

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"I just secured my FIRST client ever! She paid my 4-figure offer in full, with NO hesitation."

Full-Time Teacher
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"Before working with Jenn, I was offering free tutoring & had families paying me per hour. In my first month with Jenn, I secured TWO 4-figure tutoring clients!"

Spanish Tutor & Mom
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"I am thrilled to announce that after Coaching with Jenn in The Tutor's Blueprint, diligence and GETTING out of my own way... I HAVE SECURED A 5 FIGURE TUTORING CONTRACT!!!!"

Full Time Teacher  & Mom

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