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Leave The Classroom

Stop Charging Hourly & Sell 4-5 Figure Packages

Join me for this FREE training to master how to price your tutoring package, market your tutoring package for parents, and confidently close consultation calls with parents saying yes.

You deserve to be a wealthy educator, and believe me... wealthy educator ≠ an oxymoron. 

Saturday, April 29th 

 10:30 am EST / 7:30 am PST

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This FREE training will teach you:


How to price your tutoring packages


Essential marketing strategies to attract your Dream Parents


How to get a YES from parents on your consultation calls 

At the end of this training, you’ll be clear on:

What mistakes to avoid to double your income

Many tutors lack clarity on how to effectively market and sell their services. It's time to clean up the misconceptions. 


What it REALLY takes to book more clients & fill your roster.

It takes strategy & bulletproof beliefs to get in front of your ideal client. Without these things, you miss the opportunity to reach families in need (and your revenue goals). 


How to stop playing small & step into your identity of being a Wealthy Educator

In order for families to see you as the best pick for their student, you have to embody your expertise.

Are you in? Register here for FREE and share with 3 fellow educators!

What People Say

Jenn dropped major gems and gave the secret sauce. Her energy was so warm and inviting. She strategically outlined the course content and the resources she gave were phenomenal!
I honestly wish I would have had a program like this when I started my business...
Maybe I wouldn't have made so many mistakes.

Chauntell R, SC


Who is Jennifer?

My name is Jennifer Lemaitre and I spent 10 years as a classroom teacher until my tutoring business replaced my teaching paycheck.

My first year as a tutor came with trial and error, but once I fine-tuned my business structure and tapped into magnetic marketing,  I grew my business to making consistent 4 figure months and was able to replace my teaching income.


Since then, I’ve worked with dozens of educators and helped them to build profitable tutoring businesses they love!  I teach educators how to thrive as tutors, serve more students and profit on purpose.

I've got your back. Let's get to work!

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