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Ready to land your next tutoring client?

Join the FREE #BookedTutorChallenge to learn how to make your presence known, so you can serve more students and grow your clientele.

Get a FREE masterclass on the 3 things you need to become a successful tutor when you sign up.

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How The

Challenge Works:

The challenge officially starts on April 5th! You’ll get 1 email per day with a total of 7 emails. By the end of this challenge, the goal is for you to gain inquiries from prospective clients and a new BOOKED client. 


At the end of this challenge, you’ll be clear on:

What type of clients you want to serve

Many tutors lack clarity on who they are trying to serve and in turn end up serving no one. Clearly identifying your audience will make it easier to promote your services. 


How to reach those clients

It takes strategy to get in front of your ideal client. Without a strategy, you miss the opportunity to reach families in need (and your revenue goals). 


How to position yourself as THE tutor for your ideal client

In order for families to see you as the best pick for their student, you have to show up as an expert.

Are you in? Register here for FREE and share with 3 friends!


Why am I doing this challenge?

My name is Jennifer Lemaitre and I’ve been an educator for 10 years. Yet, after a decade of teaching, I found myself unemployed in 2018. 


I needed a way to generate income and the only skill I felt I was truly masterful at was teaching. My response was to begin tutoring to make ends meet. However, finding clients proved to be a lot more challenging than I expected. 


When I fine tuned my business structure and began promoting on social media, I grew my business to making consistent 4 figure months and having such a high demand that we’ve had to turn away clients. Since then, I’ve worked with dozens of educators and helped them to build profitable tutoring businesses they love!  


Now as The Tutor’s Tutor, I want to help you land your first (or next) tutee and impact those scholars for the better! 

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